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Echobo is a small village on the edge of the sea. So close to the ocean is it that a glass dome surrounds the village, to protect it from the tide...

After generations of rabbits passing away or leaving, only 10 villagers remain. They coexist with each other peacefully year after year.

That is, until a twist of murder shatters the peace of these soft rabbits' lives... but why? And by whom?


Moon Rabbit is a mystery/drama vn full of bunnies and a murderer. It was made in a month for NaNoRenO'18.

Can you piece the clues together and intuit who the murderer might be?

This VN features:

  • 20k+  words (1-2 hours of playtime)
  • 3 endings + 1 true ending
  • 8 CGs (images separate from the sprites and bg)
  • rabbits